When a good piece of furniture shows wear and tear, a decision to recover or replace it, is considered. If the piece is made well, or is the right fitting piece in the room, or perhaps has particular sentimental value, then reupholstering may be the right decision. It will breath new life into the piece and into the overall feeling of the room.

There are some great new fabric finishes available today that repel the most determined stain. Crypton™ and Nanotex® are two that serve well and will give you a longer return on your investment.

A wealth of fabrics and material selections will help to transform your piece into a new and welcome addition to your room. Nail heads and trims can add a decorative element to make the statement you desire.

If  the piece needs any structural reconditioning, this is the time to do that as well. New foam, Dacron or any structural repairs can be made at this time to make the piece good as new.

Reupholstering gives you the ability to renew a desirable piece or furniture, just the way you want it to be.

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