Beautiful top treatments are available in many styles to embellish a drapery treatment, blind or shade treatment or to perhaps even stand on its own, adding a touch of color or softness to an otherwise ordinary window. Other terms for top treatments are valances, cornices and pelmets.

A top treatment is another layer of a window treatment.  It can serve functionally to conceal drapery hardware when a drapery treatment is used underneath. They can unite large expanses of windows or sliding glass doors, or simply bring decorative interest to the top of any size window.

Top treatments can be hung from rods,  or they can mount from covered boards. There are a number of creative and imaginative ways a top treatment can be hung.

Cornices or pelmets are padded and upholstered types of top treatments. They can be designed in a number of creative styles and configurations. Cantonieres  or Lambrequins are upholstered cornices that have longer “down legs” than the typical top treatment.  A Lambrequin  frames the door or window on all three sides with legs that go to the floor, while a Cantonier’s legs are typically shorter, about two-thirds the length of the window or door.

Other styles of top treatments are swags and cascades. This usually traditional  top treatment has many variations and can adapt timelessly to the different styles and trends.

Other top treatment styles can be pleated, gathered, tailored, or smocked and embellished from a wide, creative selection of trims and accessories available today.

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