Custom shower curtains provide options beyond the limits of what is offered off the shelves in home decor stores.

When designing a treatment for a shower, design and functionality are considered. Sometimes the bathroom will have a decorative theme that may inspire hardware and materials that you can use creatively.

You can determine how the liner will need to function to protect water from splashing to the outside of the shower. You can have a custom length liner to fit. There are many types of poles and tracks, from which to select to give you the function you desire. You have the ability to mount the shower poles or tracks where you want them, not just the typical pressure pole mounted to accommodate the length of a standard off-the-shelf liner.

All of the functional aspects mentioned above can be hidden behind many decorative options to decorate your bathroom shower area. There are many top treatments that can depict the theme and style you want to achieve. Decorative panels, whether functioning or stationary at the sides, are another layer to add to create your look. Tiebacks can keep panels off to the side when not in use and again, there are many from which to select such as raffia, metal arm brackets with decorative finials or custom made fabric tiebacks or tassels to achieve the look you want.

Hardware for the decorative treatments can be mounted independently of the hardware for the shower liners allowing the liners to function behind the decorative treatments.  Or, a simple decorative shower curtain panel can be made in a material of your choice, in a custom size that works with your shower opening. It can have grommets or buttonholes or other creative headings that appropriately attach to the shower hardware you select. The liner and panel can both be attached, one behind the other, in a number of ways to serve the needs both functional and decorative to give you the look you’d like.

If you’re just having a functioning decorative panel, shower poles, straight and curved, are available in a number of finishes; polished stainless, satin stainless, polished brass, antique brass and bronze to name a few. They are also available in a couple of diameters for a sleek or meatier feel.

You can have fun with designing the treatment to best serve your needs given the architecture of your bathroom and shower area.

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