Decorative accent pillows can provide both an aesthetic and functional aspect to a room’s decor. A pillow can be worth a thousand words.

As a decorative component, a pillow can add just the right pop of color and pull a room together enhancing artwork or perhaps the fabric used in a drapery treatment. Sometimes the fabric itself is a work or art and when applied creatively to a pillow, it can be an interesting artful focal point sitting on a piece of furniture.

As a functional element, a pillow can provide additional comfort to a window seat or piece of furniture with a deep seat, making it more comfortable to sit in with a pillow behind your back.

There are a variety of pillow forms that can be used as well, depending on how a pillow is to perform. A down and feather pillow insert is a bit heavier and will provide some additional weight when used on more slippery upholstered materials such as leathers or vinyls. There are a variety of synthetic pillow inserts. Some have the softness and “squishiness” of feather pillows, offering more affordable options and a lot of comfort.  Other synthetic fibers have a little more density that are a good use in bed pillow shams or lumbar pillows.

Pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes from square to rectangular,  round and basketball shaped, and small neck rolls to larger bolsters. Even star shaped pillows and triangular pillows can be fabricated when the decor may call for a specialty shape to enhance the room’s theme. Pillow shams used for beds can be made in selected widths and heights to properly fit the widths and scale of the beds.

Some decorative options for pillows are knife edge, boxed and Turkish corners. They can have flanges or ruffles or a multitude of trim embellishments. They can have contrasting inserts in accent fabrics or fabrics can be blocked to create a special design effect.

Whatever your need for pillows, they are an important aspect to the overall room’s decor, whether decorative, functional or just plain fun! Practicality and imagination can combine to create wonderful pillow selections.

Cushions are sometimes another word for a decorative throw pillow but here, I am referring to what is usually a foam insert with a Dacron® wrap, covered in a material of your choice, that will usually reside on a chair, bench or a window seat and is intended to be sat upon. The thickness can range from 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ thick. it can have a knife edge or more commonly, a boxed edge. There are different densities of foam from which to select for just the right comfort.

Most always pillows and cushions will have zippers,unless under certain circumstances. This allows the cover to be removed for cleaning if necessary. Cushions can be made in a variety of shapes to accommodate bay window seats and banquettes.

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