Custom fitting dust skirts make a big difference in the look of your bedding. There are so many different box spring widths and heights today, the chances of a ready-made dust skirt fitting the bed properly is slim. It’s usually too long or too short. Even if the package states that the length is the size you want, the deck of the dust skirt can be too big or too small which will result in that correct length being too long or too short. Frustrating!

Even if you find a beautiful, ready-made coverlet it is worth the price to invest in a custom made dust skirt to fit properly. It will enhance the look of the coverlet and be worth the expense in the long run.

Custom made can mean “having it your way” . Now, you’ve opened up the possibilities of fabrics and styles to use on the dust skirt to get the look and fit you want. Styles range from a gathered, shirred or ruffled dust skirts to a more tailored or box pleat style.  A tailored dust skirt usually has one inverted pleat at the center of the side drops and the drop at the foot of your bed if your bed is larger than a twin size. A box pleated dust skirt can have a number of smaller box pleats per side to as few as three or four per side, depending on the look you want.

If you have a foot board, the dust skirt can be made with split corners where the side rails connect to the foot board allowing the dust skirt to hang properly. These little details make all the difference to get the proper fit and look of your dust skirt.

Embellishments such as contrasting gussets, accent band details, buttons and trims can all be added to create your own style and look but most importantly – it will fit!

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