Rods, Brackets, Finials, Rings....


The world of drapery hardware has exploded in past few years with many styles of hardware now available. Diameters of rods range from 1/2″ to 3″ and many sizes in between. Finial selections for the ends of the rods are endless, available in many unique designs and shapes and in many materials from crystal to wrought iron, and in wood or acrylic. Drapery rings and carriers are available in many style options for specific applications.

Draperies can traverse on rods with cord pulleys or be manually drawn with many styles of baton options. Rods can be motorized to operate with either a remote control or many motorized operating systems used in homes today.

Rods can be bent and curved to conform to bay and bow walls and windows in addition to straight configurations. They can mount on walls and from ceilings. Special brackets can be designed to accommodate unique circumstances. Special hardware is available for outdoor use.

For the right hardware for your window treatment application, consult with a professional window treatment specialist to address your specific needs.

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