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Luminette Modern Draperies

An innovative twist on Sarasota Window Treatments, Luminette® Modern Draperies by Hunter Douglas,  create instant drama in a room. Consistent contoured columns of fabric elegantly span window and door openings using Traditional™ or Ribbon™ Panel design options.
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Pirouette window shades

Pirouette Window Shades This revolutionary new window shade combines the personality and elegance of a classic fabric shade and sheers with the ability to control light in an entirely new way…
Soft diffused light harmonizes with the style and sophistication of any décor, from casual to contemporary, or traditional.


With Pirouette window shadings your entire home, from the most delicate powder room to the largest living or dining space can be enriched with the beauty of light.
Pirouette window shadings are available in 2 vane sizes, 4” Petite and 5” Grande. Choose from linen, crepe, or satin fabrics in an array of color options that will compliment any decorating style. All Pirouette fabrics, colors and vane sizes are available in room-darkening or semi opaque variations.


There is no other window covering that is so complete. Variable light control, privacy, and view through, all in one shading. Let your sense of style eliminate harsh shadows in the favor of the grace, warmth and allure of dawn’s soft light.

Ask Sarasota Window Treatments

“Dressing windows is one of the most impactful ways to give any space a designer edge,” says Brian Patrick Flynn, an interior designer and founder of

The freshest looks now, according to Flynn and interior designers Betsy Burnham and Mallory Mathison, are all about simplicity, softness and fuss-free design.

Simple hardware

“The skinnier the rod, the fresher the room will look,” says Burnham, founder of Burnham Design in Los Angeles. “Just a skinny rod with tiny rings is all you need. It’s very graceful. … When I see 2-inch and 3-inch wooden rods and clunky rings now, it looks so dated.”

Mathison, who is based in Atlanta, agrees: “People are moving away from window treatments with cornices and valances.” With a basic curtain or Roman shade, she says, you don’t need to worry about “anything collecting dust or dirt, or kids wrapping themselves up in bunches of fabric.”

Sheers, naturals

Mathison increasingly prefers to use sheer curtains on their own, rather than pairing them with thicker draperies.

Adding a thin, organic cotton lining to a sheer curtain panel adds a bit of privacy, but keeps “that sort of flowy, gauzy look,” she says. “It’s a soft little frame for the window and there’s no distraction with it being a heavy fabric.”

Limit the fabric

A few years ago, Burnham says, many designers favored piling on fabric to create dramatic windows. Today, there’s a spare approach.

“We’re not swagging. There’s no puddling of fabric on the floor anymore,” she says. Now, it’s best for fabric to “just kiss the floor.”

The same rule goes for Roman shades: “A simple, pleated style, not too much fabric” has become more popular than billowing shades.

via Ask a Designer: Less is more For windows | The Clarion-Ledger |

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